Friday, December 5, 2008


No...It's not misspelled.."Menaigment" is the saudi corporate term for "Management"..It is the generation of Corporate Management who knows nothing about anything in Saudi companies...They lack basic management and leadership skills. They don't really know what is going on around them. They rose to power either because they have connections or they bribed their way up the corporate ladder. "fluency in english" is their litmus test for all employees. If you're english is perfect, then they would worship you and list you as one of the high potentials. Nevermind the other competencies..who cares about these trivial competencies..only losers do..we're winners..
Now, where do you find "Menaigers"? Good examples can be seen in Saudi Aramco, SABIC and others..
If you work in these companies try and spot a "Menaiger"? If you cannot, chances are you are a "Menaiger" or you're in bed with "Menaigement".

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7lo said...

Great subject Rahman

i worked with these kind of creatures, you are right, "fluency in English" is the most important skill an employee should have to be a high potential for future manager or "Meanaiger". The other skill you should have to impress them, is a high GPA during school, regardless of your other competencies, job knowledge or communication skills. if you lack these two skills, you have to rise to power the same way they did ...!!! and this would be your last skill before you are berried alive. ( i lack these three skills ... but still alive ... its a miracle)

note: i love my MacBook, it spell-checks my typing anywhere i write, isn't this great?