Thursday, December 25, 2008

Should Women Drive Cars in Saudi Arabia NOW

I am not against women driving cars in Saudi Arabia. I am all for it, but it should not be done until the public is ready. As we speak, the public is weary of anything involving women rights or wrongs. For those women not wanting to wait and asking for their right to drive now, I say they should go ahead and drive. Let them be the punching bag and pave the way for those who were wise enough to wait. Let them get harrassed by teens and the unemployed.

Instead, what we should do now, is to prepare the public gradually. We should make sure, free time for youth is spent properly. Special venues should be added to take care of this extra spare time. Cinemas should be back. "for families only" places need to be looked at again. Awareness sessions in schools and communities could help as well.

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Rationality said...

It’s hard for a tough society like KSA to accept women driving cars. That would drive everyone crazy and each person from different direction. What I see is women in KSA are really oppressed they can’t get their rights easily. They are mostly treated like animals; wherever they go they found closed doors. No one can hear them or even give them the chance to talk.
I know that there are so many great open minded people in KSA and I really appreciated them but what can we do to the rest huge number of the mindless men? Women’s lives there is just like infinity war which hurts and offend women daily and gets more complicated day by day.
I wish that women can have the chance to drive one day. But convincing those people gradually will take ages…
It’s really great, great, great topic from open minded brilliant person thank s for your thoughts I enjoyed what you wrote..